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The drive to make HB 786 better

By Armando Bellmas, Director of Communications
June 20, 2013


Doing everything we can to make HB 786 a better bill and restore driving privileges for undocumented immigrants in North Carolina.


Statement on the North Carolina General Assembly's HB 786

By Lacey Williams, Director of Advocacy
June 06, 2013


Latin American Coalition believes our community deserves better and we will work to do so.


ACLU-NC’s Opposition to Arizona-style HB 786

By ACLU of North Carolina
April 26, 2013


Our friends and allies at ACLU of North Carolina weigh in on HB 786, the RECLAIM NC Act, and it's legal ramifications.



By Lacey Williams, Youth Programs Director
April 22, 2013


With the release of three separate driving privileges bills, the North Carolina General Assembly has signaled a new era in bipartisan consensus in agreeing that our roads are safer when all drivers are licensed and insured.


United 4 The Dream statement on the RECLAIM NC Act

By Ramon Garibaldo, United 4 The Dream
April 18, 2013


On driving privileges for undocumented immigrants in North Carolina and everything that comes with it.


Scarlet Letter licenses? Give me one, too.

By Jeff Shaw, Director of Communications, NC Justice Center
March 11, 2013


Dear Mr. Tata, please consider this letter my application for a driver’s license.


Not Pretty In Pink

By Jess George, Executive Director
March 01, 2013


North Carolina has decided to buck the national trend of pragmatism in exchange for a new way to stigmatize and shame immigrants.


North Carolina to Offer 'Scarlet Letter’ Pink Licenses

By Lacey Williams, Youth Programs Director
February 28, 2013


What are pink licenses and why they are wrong for North Carolina.


On North Carolina drivers licenses for DACA recipients

By Ramon Garibaldo and Luisa Donoso, United 4 The Dream
February 18, 2013


Special license for DACA recipients marks them for potential discrimination and is a waste of taxpayer money.


Justice Department files suit against Alamance County Sheriff's Department

By Armando Bellmas, Director of Communications
December 20, 2012


“Sheriff Johnson’s directives and leadership have caused [his office] to violate the constitutional rights of Latinos in Alamance County and eroded public trust.”


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