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Our Impact


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2016 Electoral Results and what they mean for Latinos in North Carolina

By Fabbiana Gutierrez
November 09, 2016


We are ready to create partnerships and relationships that will help us protect undocumented families in NC. Read more to RSVP in our upcoming meeting on Friday Nov. 18th at 6pm.


Why I Got Arrested

By Jess George, Executive Director
August 09, 2013


We took provocative action because the stakes are high.


Road to Reform: Brown Summit Training

By Elver Barrios, Community Organizer
August 08, 2013


Last weekend was the continuation of our "Road to Reform" caravan with participants from various cities in North Carolina.


Fearless in DC

By Katherine Tomey, Communications and Marketing Intern
August 06, 2013


Last week was a week of action, a week of advocacy. Latin American Coalition leaders traveled to Washington, DC to turn up the heat on immigration reform.


In Support of the DREAM 9

By Lacey Williams, Advocacy Director
July 26, 2013


This is not a movement about policy. This is a movement about peoples’ lives.


Bricks for Burr

By Jess George, Executive Director
July 01, 2013


We’re delivering 76 bricks to represent the 76% of North Carolinians that support immigration reform. We encourage you to let Senator Burr know how deeply disappointed you are in his vote against immigration reform.


Latin American Coalition Thanks Senator Kay Hagan for Vote in Favor of Path to Citizenship

By Jess George, Executive Director
June 27, 2013


Senate Immigration Bill Passes with Bipartisan Support, One Step Closer to Fixing Broken System.


Senator Richard Burr Reveals True Colors with Vote Against Bipartisan Immigration Reform

By Jess George, Executive Director
June 27, 2013


Massive Build-up on Border, Billions in Deficit Reduction Still Not Enough for the “Self-Deportation” Crowd.



There is Hope, Where There is CAPT

By Katherine Tomey, Communications and Marketing Intern
June 26, 2013


College Access Para Todos believes that all undocumented youth in our community who are driven to go to college, can.


The drive to make HB 786 better

By Armando Bellmas, Director of Communications
June 20, 2013


Doing everything we can to make HB 786 a better bill and restore driving privileges for undocumented immigrants in North Carolina.


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