Family Defense Network

Family Defense Network

Family Defense Network

Today immigrant families that have members in deportation proceedings face several hardships, they don’t know how to locate their loved ones since there are no ICE detention centers in Charlotte (or in the state for that matter), the head of the household is the one typically detained and there is a family left behind.

These families need our help! They need immediate legal assistance, support covering their basic needs daily such as food and shelter and also, they need access to mental health. Most of them don’t know where to find this relieve and this is where the Family Defense Network can help. 



The absence of structural coordination between community organizations, advocacy groups, and legal defense agencies to:

  • Provide immediate support for the families of detained individuals during the initial crisis period
  • Allow access to a continuum of affordable legal representation and community support
  • Legal representation in Atlanta, Georgia 


  • A centralized hotline as a single point of contact to ensure detained individuals have access to legal support during the crisis period: the initial 24-72 hours upon being detained (Not ready for this yet)
  • A Network of providers that support the detained and the family that he/she left behind
  • Provided a complete intake to SIFI to save time for the detainee and help them to have a faster process. 



  • 40 trained volunteers will conduct the legal screening 
  • Volunteers will utilize Latin American Coalition’s list of partner organizations according to the client’s needs
  • Network of providers will include lawyers, mental health providers, social workers, and faith community 



  • •Legal representation for deportation cases through our network of pro and low-bono legal professionals
  • •In the event family is unable to cover 100% of the service cost of the community agency being utilized, faith community will be notified to provide financial support


The Family Defense Network is scheduled to launch in February 2019 we are currently looking for 

  1. Volunteers for our hotline

  2. Faith organizations in the community that would like to assist these families with their emotional/psychological trauma.

  3. Donations for call center equipment and to offer scholarships for families that are unable to cover some of the legal fees.

If you are interested or need more information please contact the program coordinator Yisel Pomier Maren at


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