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The Latin American Coalition promotes civic engagement and power building through community organizing and mobilizing around the following core issues:

Access to Education

We believe all young people- regardless of race, gender, religion, class, ability, or documentation status- deserve equal access to a quality education. We fight against the structural exclusion at the national, state and local level of immigrant students from our educational institutions. We support the DREAM Act at the national level and the push for tuition equity in North Carolina.

Immigration Reform

We believe immigration policy should not criminalize people for seeking a better life. We, as a nation, find ourselves at a crossroads where we must address the outdated and irrelevant immigration policies that deny our immigrant history and the complexities of our current situation. Our country needs fair and humane immigration reform that keeps families together, offers pathways to citizenship, protects workers, and promoted immigrant integration.  

Ending Enforcement Only Policies

We believe that local and state enforcement-only immigration policies are bad for families and bad for our economy. North Carolina policies such as 287(g), Secure Communities and E-Verify have created an isolated immigrant community in which families are unable to access the resources needed to maintain basic living conditions.  Furthermore, enforcement only policies seek to reject the very immigrant workers that fill a critical a critical role in our workforce and inject billions of dollars into the North Carolina economy.  

Worker’s and Victim’s Rights

We believe that if we advocate for the human and civil rights of the most vulnerable peoples in our state we will uplift and protect the rights of all. Sadly, our broken immigration system has made immigrant families more vulnerable to fraud, unscrupulous employers, and violent crime.  We are committed to addressing the systemic failures that perpetuate abuse by informing victims of their rights, engaging victims to seek justice, and empowering victims to fight for policy change.

Charlotte Municipal IDs

We believe that through issuing all Charlotte residents a valid ID that states who they are and where they belong, we can make our city one that is truly inclusive and welcoming of all people.  Controversial policies such as restrictive voter ID laws and 287(g)—allowing local and state law enforcement to process immigrants for deportations—call into question which groups truly ‘belong’ in Charlotte.  By issuing every Charlotte resident a Municipal ID, there will no longer be an 'us' and a 'them,' but rather a 'we.'

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