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We're Getting DAPA-Ready

By Ana Suarez, Communication Coordinator
March 03, 2016

We could get some big news this summer: by the end of June, the Supreme Court will have ruled on DAPA and expanded DACA. This means that over 4 million families -- including 152,000 in North Carolina -- may have the chance to receive long-awaited humanitarian relief.

We’re expecting the court to rule in our favor, so we’re making sure our community is ready for DAPA and expanded DACA. In only two months, we’ve reached over 1000 people through information sessions, community navigator trainings and DAPA preparation workshops. We went to schools, community centers and churches. We didn’t just confine these services to Charlotte; we reached high-need communities in Chapel Hill, Raleigh and Morganton. We trained community leaders to become community navigators, so that DAPA and expanded DACA intake services can be replicated throughout NC, and so we can expand our impact.

Now, more North Carolina immigrants have the knowledge and resources they need to apply for relief.


That’s what we did, but this is what we heard:

“One day, I would like to become a citizen, and I think DAPA is a step toward achieving that goal. Being a U.S. citizen means being a person who is valued, who is important.” - Juana, Morganton, NC

“I want my kids to have a good education here and I want to be here for them to help them reach their goals and have a better life than I had. I want to be able to go out with them like normal families do -- like to the movies or to the park. We hardly ever leave our house because I’m too scared that I will end up getting stopped by the police.” - Victor, Charlotte, NC


“With DAPA, I would finally be able to drive, walk, live without fear.” - Gina, Charlotte, NC

"I want politicians to think about us [undocumented immigrants]. I want them to be aware that we want to live with liberty, want to be able to take care of our families and live a better life. We’re not drug dealers; we’re workers who have come to this country for a better future. I want them to understand that and I want them to support DAPA and expanded DACA so we can have a better life." - Francisco, Morganton, NC


“DAPA would help me so much. I would be able to get a driver’s license and then be able to come and go from work without fear of getting a ticket, or getting deported. DAPA would give us more financial stability, so then I could continue going to school and finally get my GED. Eventually I want to study to become a nurse so I can help people. This is my dream.” - Magdalena, Morganton, NC


"If I had DAPA, I would have more opportunities. I wouldn’t have fear of being deported, I would be able to show the police an ID. DAPA would have a big effect on our lives. It would be good for my family and good for our nation because we would be able to contribute even more. We would be able to be a buy a house and a car... we wouldn’t be afraid to live a full life."  - Juan, Morganton, NC

With stories like these, we’re more dedicated than ever to #FightforFamilies.



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