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2016 Electoral Results and what they mean for Latinos in North Carolina

By Fabbiana Gutierrez
November 09, 2016





November 9, 2016 


Contact: Fabbiana Gutierrez, Communications Coordinator 


2016 Electoral Results and what they mean for Latinos in North Carolina 


During the 2016 electoral process, the Latin American Coalition’s Advocacy and Civic Engagement team and volunteers promoted civic participation in the Latino community through a non-partisan civic engagement campaign throughout North Carolina.  We registered thousands of new voters, promoted civic participation through Get Out the Vote initiatives, and ran a large-scale naturalization campaign. 


Now that the American people have chosen a path, it is important for our organization to protect those who are the most vulnerable in our community, our undocumented families, and to work with new and current elected officials to address the many social, economic, and educational inequities that are still present in our community. 


To protect our families, we are reaching out to local and national partners and allies with a plan to counteract any legislation or policy that will attack our undocumented families. To work towards a collaborative and productive relationship, we are reaching out to elected officials and the Trump administration. The actions in the first 100 days of President-elect Trump’s administration will set the tone for what the Latino community’s relationship with this new administration will be: his actions will either build a bridge of unity and trust, or a wall of divisiveness and fear. We hope that it will be a bridge of unity, but we are prepared to defend against divisiveness and fear. 


When President Obama was elected, the migrant community had high hopes of finally having an Immigration Reform Act. Eight years later, our community is still dealing with the disappointment of a broken immigration system that forces millions of undocumented families to live in the shadows of society. The last significant immigration reform came under the auspices of the

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