20 countries will participate in the Latin American Festival 2023

Charlotte-NC. On February 18 of this year, community leaders met at the building of The Latin American Coalition in order to create new paths to integrate organizations that promote the culture of their countries in the next Latin American Festival 2023.

In the middle of the meeting, points were debated that would demarcate the logistics of the Latin American Festival. One of the points discussed indicates that the area for sellers will be eliminated. On this occasion, the representatives of each country will have the opportunity to sell food, crafts and various products during the event and the proceeds will be used for the benefit of the community.

Among the participating countries will be Honduras, Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, Uruguay, Argentina, Cuba, Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru and Chile.

The leader of the Coalition, José Hernández Paris, indicated the main objective of the meeting “Last year we invited these people to participate in the Latin American Festival and this year we wanted to take advantage and create a coalition of international organizations with which we can represent our cultures at the festival and also collaborate in ways that support the work we do.”

The meetings between leaders will be repeated over the next few months at the Coalition, with the intention of finding new alternatives that allow more involvement of the Latino culture and its needs. The leaders of each community will also participate in the logistics of the event that will take place in September and promise to strengthen the different communities that today make life in Charlotte. “The growth of the immigrant population is normally significant and this gives us an idea of ​​the pattern that has been taking place for years, but in the last year the growth has accelerated quite a lot, because there are many people who are arriving in Charlotte. That is why we want it to be a community festival, but also that the associations of each of these countries become stronger”, added Hernández París.