More than 60 immigrant families benefited from the second day of aid from LAC

Charlotte-NC. Last 2022 was a year where hundreds of families headed towards the United States in search of a better future, some of them arrived in the city of Charlotte directly from the Texas border, without a dollar in their pocket, so they immediately They were helped by the Latin American Coalition. November 19 was […]

Nuevo programa de vivienda proporciona hasta $80,000 en asistencia

Charlotte – NC. Un nuevo programa piloto de vivienda en la Ciudad de Charlotte proporcionará hasta $80,000 en asistencia para residentes elegibles que compren una vivienda en “áreas de influencia” dentro de los “Corredores de Oportunidad”. House Charlotte Plus ofrece una capa adicional de asistencia financiera al programa de propiedad de vivienda existente de House […]

New housing program provides up to $80,000 in assistance

Charlotte-NC. A new pilot housing program in Charlotte will provide up to $80,000 in assistance to eligible residents buying a home in “target areas” within the “Opportunity Corridors.” House Charlotte Plus offers an additional layer of financial assistance to House Charlotte’s existing homeownership program. Through this new pilot program, an eligible resident can receive an […]