Check out everything offered by the Economic and Labor Center of LAC

Charlotte-NC. The Latin American Coalition (LAC) has the Economic and Labor Center that has the main objective of promoting the economic mobility of our community, connecting applicants with sustainable jobs, helping them to develop tools in financial education, labor and business skills from a perspective social.

Labor rights

LAC works with the immigrant community who have been illegally denied payment by their employers, we facilitate their recovery and prevent exploitation through community education. If you believe you have been a victim of denied pay, abuse, harassment, or employment discrimination, feel free to attend our face-to-face talks on labor rights every Thursday at 11:15 a.m. If after attending, your case requires an appointment, schedule it here.

Small Business Development

The Coalition offers seminars and business consultancies where entrepreneurs will learn skills to start a new business or strengthen an already established one. They will also be provided with basic information in individual sessions for business registration and obtaining permits. Make your appointment here.

Workforce Development

The organization conducts job empowerment workshops to connect immigrant workers with new employment opportunities in the United States, in addition to receiving tools for job search, resume writing, training to develop new skills, and application assistance on-line. Make your appointment here.