Check the benefits granted by the Immigrant Welcome Center

Charlotte-NC. The Immigrant Welcome Center is a program designed to receive all those Hispanics who arrive in the country and need help, guidance and a friendly hand.

In this section, people can receive shelter, financial aid, food, and many other benefits. The Coalition staff and volunteers are prepared to assess needs and facilitate the sharing of community resources provided by the organizatio and its partners. Every year we serve about 5,000 people.

These are the aids provided by the department:


The Latin American Coalition (LAC) offers a Community Identification Card as part of the Interfaith Action Network). For more information visit


In partnership with Crisis Assistance Ministry, Loaves and Fishes, and Buenos Amigos, we offer immediate crisis assistance to maintain stable housing, prevent homelessness, and ensure access to basic needs including shelter, clothing, and food. .


This program offers support to victims of domestic violence or other cases of violence, through a network of partner agencies that help people access legal support, health services and safety planning.


Hand in hand with the Mecklenburg County Courthouse, we hold Divorce and Custody workshops every two months at The Coalition. Twice a month we offer a women's support group, where literature and poetry are used as a support tool, for women who have suffered a loss or struggle during their lives. Contact us at (704) 531 3848 for dates and registration.


Our goal is to increase the inclusion of Hispanics and reduce barriers that may prevent them from receiving resources, therefore we offer a variety of partnerships with other agencies in Charlotte, for example, Spanish-speaking lawyers and low-cost health clinics.

For more information visit: The Immigrant Welcome Center