Do you need legal advice? this note may be of your interest

Charlotte – NC. The Latin American Coalition has at your disposal, The Immigration Legal Center, where any immigrant, who resides in North Carolina and surrounding areas, regardless of nationality and has an income of less than 200%, according to federal poverty guidelines, may be eligible for our services. Applicants must contact us through our phone number and complete an intake form to determine eligibility.

The Immigration Legal Center is a department designed to guide Hispanics, who do not have the financial means, to seek legal assistance, this division provides a variety of services that we will detail below:

We have a legal advice section that concerns family petitions, residency applications inside and outside the country, green card renewals, work permit renewals, DACA renewals, waivers of inadmissibility and travel permits.

Another of our programs is the citizenship program, where they can help you with diagnostics or analysis of your case, legal representation in the application, preparation for the interviews with USCIS (of the cases we handle and if applicable), case management and follow-up with USCIS or NVC (according to the type of application) and referral to another organization or non-profit firm that can assist you in the process, if we cannot do so. If you want to know if you are eligible to start the citizenship process click HERE if you have any other general immigration questions click HERE.

Another important focus of this department is English classes for the community. In collaboration with the Charlotte Area Fund, we conduct English classes for citizenship applicants who need to prepare for the interview. These classes are usually held twice a year (spring and fall).

The cost of the consultation is $30.00. The fees we charge are 15-25% of what you would pay at a private immigration firm. Hours: 9:00 – 12:00 / 01:00 – 05:00, contact: +1 704 941 2553.