Jamilah Espinosa and her career in The Latin American Coalition

Charlotte – NC. Jamilah Espinosa’s history with the Latin American Coalition (LAC) began when she was just a teenager, volunteering at the Latin American Festival. Since then, her passion for helping has grown and remains to this day as a great leader in finding solutions to different problems faced by the immigrant population in the city of Charlotte.

The law graduate and owner of Espinosa Law, also belongs to the Board of Directors of The Latin American Coalition, seeking to strengthen the mission of the organization in terms of offering a guide and a helping hand to immigrants residing in the Queen City. “Today, I serve on the Board of Directors where I proudly represented the organization and its citywide efforts using my professional skills as an attorney to inform the Charlotte community about immigration law and the role the Coalition plays in advocating for migrant families,” Espinosa said.

For more than a year, LAC has had the support of this great professional and advocate for immigrants, in various areas of the organization. “As a collaborator in our GANAS program, I have advised young immigrants, having the privilege of seeing them reach the goal of graduating from high school,” Espinosa stressed.

At the age of 12, Jamilah volunteered at the LAC signature drive to convene Spanish-language media outlets to broadcast the Latin American Festival, to be held at the Mint Museum on Randolph Road. “Since my adolescence, the city of Charlotte has become a welcoming city for all and The Coalition has remained the stable place where immigrants can find a welcoming place to guide them,” stressed Espinosa.