LAC: Intervention Workshops for families in Charlotte

Charlotte–NC. The Immigrant Welcome Center of The Latin American Coalition held a Family Intervention Workshop in order to inform and empower families recently arrived in the city of Charlotte.

This first of July, an informative workshop was held for families recently arrived in the country, in need of guidance in different areas. The event led by Wilnelya Figuera, Diego Torres and Alba Sánchez, began at 9:30 a.m. and ended at 11:45 a.m., where various topics of interest were discussed, including tips for integration into the community, a guide for searching and obtaining of employment and key information on labor rights.

The attendees also received an informative talk on immigration issues, by the hand of our lawyer Jamilah Espinosa, who provided the steps to follow when carrying out procedures and requesting relevant appointments in the area.

After the talk, the participants expressed their gratitude for the organization’s initiative, which directly benefits new families, who took on the challenge of starting from scratch in the United States.

For the next meetings, the families to be selected must go to the Immigrant Welcome Center with their documents to be verified, where it is stated that the person is a recent arrival in the country. To request additional information, make an appointment at the following link