LAC Services: Economic and Labor Center

Charlotte – NC. Throughout history, the disparity and difficult working conditions for Latino men and women in the state have become commonplace, severely affecting their professional growth. Each year, more than 1,000 immigrants require our services, where we work steadily with the goal of increasing the economic mobility of Latinos in the city of Charlotte.

Some studies confirm that half of the Latinos in North Carolina feel discrimination when looking for a job, that is why the Latin American Coalition offers you three programs that will help you to project yourself professionally so you can achieve your goals, improve your quality of life and that of your family. Below, we name our programs and explain in detail the benefits that each one offers you.


We work with immigrant workers who have been illegally denied pay by their employers, facilitate the recovery of stolen wages, and prevent exploitation through community education.


We offer an annual business seminar for entrepreneurs to learn the skills necessary to start a new business or improve an established one. We also provide basic information in one-on-one sessions, such as how to register your business, where to obtain permits and much more.


We connect immigrant workers with employment opportunities through a weekly How to Find a Job workshop, resume development, individual coaching, job placements and application assistance.