Great Achievement through Non-Traditional Academic Support

GANAS is a culturally relevant mentorship program that fosters a genuine connection and helps students awaken their inner motivation, or “ganas,” to stay on a path of academic and lifelong success. The term “ganas” is difficult to translate directly from Spanish, but it encompasses the idea of giving one’s full effort and will to achieve something, similar to the phrase “give it your all.”

Inspired by Jaime Escalante’s teaching style, which focused on awakening students’ “ganas,” we believe that any student can be successful when they have the drive to do so. Our program pairs an English-Learner (EL) high school student with a mentor who serves as a “life-navigator.” Mentors become a trusted point of contact for students, building rapport and establishing a relationship to better understand the challenges and barriers they face.

Jaime Escalante described his teaching style as awakening the “ganas” of his students. He believed any student could be successful if they had the drive too. “Ask, ‘How will they learn best?’ not, ‘Can they learn?’.”

year 2022-23


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