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Recommendations for Administrative Reforms

By Jess George, Executive Director
April 17, 2014


Steps the Obama administration can, and should, implement immediately to prevent discrimination and racial profiling, reduce family separation, and build healthier, more prosperous American communities.


Tips for Immigrant Students Who Dream of College

By Megan Walsh, Youth Development Coordinator
April 14, 2014


For many students, misunderstanding and misinformation tend to discourage them from pursuing higher education. College Access Para Todos can change that.



By Lacey Williams, Advocacy Director
April 10, 2014


The inconvenient truth is that this president has deported more people than any other. We cannot continue to fight alongside someone who counts on our support and yet continues to break apart our families.


Latino Poet Richard Blanco in Charlotte

By Armando Bellmas, Director of Communications
April 08, 2014


Inaugural poet Richard Blanco, the first Latino immigrant to hold the honor, visits Charlotte.


Immigrating Is An Entrepreneurial Decision

By Lacey Williams, Advocacy Director
April 04, 2014


Many of the task force members were surprised to find out that immigrants are more likely than the native born population to start businesses. A member of the task force asked why that was. Perhaps logic can give us the reason.


Fasting For Immigration Reform

By Keyona Shears, Communications Intern
April 02, 2014


Saturday March 29, Jessica, Rossy, Francisca, Valeria, Claudia, Jaime, Alfredo, Maria, and Estefani fasted outside of the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) office, in support of immigration reform and against unjust deportations.


Deferred Action Workshop on April 11, 2014

By Armando Bellmas, Director of Communications
March 25, 2014


This workshop is for those who are first-time applicants for DACA, an administrative relief that prevents deportation and grants a work permit to individuals for two years.


Holding the House Accountable

By Armando Bellmas, Director of Communications
March 20, 2014


Representatives must spend more time bringing immigration legislation to the House floor and less time targeting a president that has become know as the “deporter in chief.”


Turning faith into deeds

By Francisco Lopez, Political Director
March 10, 2014


"What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds?"


Charlotte's Task Force on Immigrant Integration

By Lacey Williams, Advocacy Director
March 07, 2014


The inaugural meeting of Charlotte's Task Force on Immigrant Integration was held on Thursday, February 27th and here's what we're going to to do make it work.

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