We provide a pathway to equity and belonging for an inclusive and diverse society.
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For over 35 years, the Latin American Coalition (LAC) has been a beacon of equity and inclusivity in our city. Our vision is to create a society where everyone feels a sense of belonging, and this vision has been nurtured over the decades. As a testament to our commitment, we invite you to join our campaign, “Sowing Future,” aimed at enriching our Youth Education and Opportunity Center. Here, we are sowing the seeds of support for the next generation of youth in our community.


Your donation will directly support programs and initiatives at our Youth Education and Opportunity Center, providing educational resources and opportunities for young people. 

By donating to this campaign, you will receive a Butterfly Garden Seed to transform your outdoor space into a vibrant sanctuary. These seeds symbolize hope, change, and new beginnings, reflecting the journey of the butterfly. 

Like the butterfly, immigrants have overcome challenges and embarked on difficult journeys for a better life. By planting our seeds, you celebrate the resilience and courage of immigrants everywhere. 

Your contribution will not only create a beautiful garden but also support the environment and society. Together, we can make a difference. 

Get Involved: Join us in planting the seeds of opportunity and education. Donate to our “Sowing Future” campaign and purchase our Butterfly Garden Seed. Together, let’s create a more inclusive and diverse society for future generations.