Purpose and Goals

The Latin American Coalition (LAC) Amigos Program is a crucial initiative aimed at engaging community members in supporting the mission and vision of the Latin American Coalition (LAC).This program encourages individuals to actively support and advocate on behalf of LAC, increasing awareness of its mission and programs, building community relationships, and assisting in  raising funds for initiatives. 

Our Vision

The Coalition envisions a diverse and vibrant North Carolina that welcomes, supports, and respects people of all cultures and backgrounds. 

Our Mission

The Latin American Coalition is a community of Hispanics, immigrants, and allies who  promote the full and equal participation of all people in the civic, economic, and cultural life of North Carolina through integration, education, celebration, and advocacy. 

Purpose Statement

We provide a pathway to equity and belonging for an inclusive and diverse society. 

Opportunities for Amigos:

Join us in celebrating our anniversary in November by participating in our Amigo Volunteer Day. As an amigo, you’ll have the chance to engage in volunteer work across different areas of the coalition. Collaborate closely with our area directors to gain valuable insights into our services and the dedicated staff behind them.

Promote the Latin American Coalition by sharing information about the organization and its services with your network. Encourage others to contribute to LAC through donations, volunteering, or other means of support.

Contribute to the Latin American Coalition by making a financial donation, either as a one-time gift or through ongoing support. Your donations assist LAC in sustaining and enhancing its services, guaranteeing a lasting positive effect on the community.


As an Amigo, it’s essential to amplify the voices of the  community served by the nonprofit. This includes sharing stories and perspectives from  those directly impacted by the organization’s work. 

Promote the program through the nonprofit’s website, social media, and  other communication channels to recruit new Amigos. Encourage individuals from diverse  backgrounds to participate and provide training and resources to help them understand  the experiences of marginalized groups.

Encourage Amigos to connect with one another and create a  supportive community. This may involve regular meetings or events where allies can share 
experiences and learn from one another. 

In summary, the LAC Amigos Program aims to build a stronger, more inclusive community  and promote social justice. By engaging allies and providing resources and support, LAC  can create a more equitable and welcoming environment for all. 

Support and Benefits: 

Amigo Program Support: The Amigo Program consists of six levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver,  Bronze, Copper, and Friendship. Contributions are tax-deductible. 

Amigo Level (Platinum): Reserved for those who donate $10,000 or more annually,  Amigos at the Platinum level receive: 

Compañero Level (Gold): Reserved for those who donate $7,500, Ambassadors at the Gold  level receive: 

Aliado Level (Silver): Reserved for those who donate $5,000, Ambassadors at the Silver  level receive: 

Soñador Level (Bronze): Reserved for those who donate $2,500, Ambassadors at the  Bronze level receive: 

Compadre Level (Copper): Reserved for those who donate $1,250, Ambassadors at the  Copper level receive:

Amistad Level (Friendship): Reserved for those who donate $500, Ambassadors at the  Amistad level receive: 

Fundraising Strategy for Ambassadors: Ambassadors have the opportunity to fundraise for  LAC by hosting events or activities that raise funds for the coalition. This component is  optional, not mandatory. 

Scholarships or Sliding-scale Pricing: The Ambassador Program collaborates with  companies and corporations to provide matching funds, enabling employees to participate  in the program.